I like music. I'm constantly making music. I'll share some of it here. Not all of it. Check it out.


Perception is a really cool track by JONAVI. I still remember hearing the original version for the first time. Those lyrics!! Seriously, it's just so poetic. It was really fun working on this one. We decided to keep the song really minimal, to really let the emotion of the song carry through. Enjoy!


This song is featured in my VLOGs currently as the intro music. I might turn this into a real track one day, who knows. I've got several takes of this lyrically, but it doesn't feel quite right just yet. For now, check out the instrumental.


Woah. Over 1,000 plays now. Cool. 

This was a track we did in the studio as a live session. JONAVI told me she wanted to do a cover for Christmas, so I was like, cool, which one?! No answer. Day of the tracking she was like, "Hey, let's do 'This Christmas." So I threw together an arrangement and we tracked it that night. It's super raw, and I think that's what makes it super special.

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