Whether you need a club-caliber EDM party for your next event, or someone to artistically paint the soundtrack for your wedding day, I have years of experience working in almost every kind of environment and event to give you exactly what you're looking for.  When you take state of the art equipment, the latest software, a massive music library, and match it with the skill of a trained musician, you have a recipe for an excellent musical experience.

I care about each and every event at which I perform.  My clients are my priority.  Everything is customized for each and every client.  I take time to get to know my clients and assess their musical likes and dislikes.  I want to find out exactly what kind of music and mixing they want at their event.  For weddings, I work directly with the couple and their wedding planner to make sure everything is ready to go and that there are no surprises come the day of your wedding.  Almost nothing surprises me anymore, but when it does, I always take care to do what is in the best interest of my clients and their guests.

I truly believe there's a reason why my business has grown so fast.  It's because I really, truly care.  I enjoy every moment of every gig, knowing that I'm providing the soundtrack to someone's special day, or elevating a party to the next level.  This isn’t just another “job” to me; it's my passion.

I’d love to be involved in your next event!! My pricing is competitive and scalable based on the needs of your event. From simple house parties to multi-room setups fit for the biggest ballrooms and venues, we can customize our services just for you.

For pricing and availability, head on over to the booking page, and either myself or my manager will get back to you soon.

— Joey